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To say we live in interesting times, may not be of much comfort to those struggling to cope during the fall out of the current global pandemic, and recent political changes in the United Kingdom.

However, as we in the United Kingdom slowly transition into a life similar to pre-lockdown in March 2020, the sociological landscape is fascinating.

(And the Kingdom much less United as the separate nations of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland exercise their discretionary powers to keep their citizens safe from Covid-19).

Sociology is the science of society

This year, more than any other, millions of people all over the world have experienced the benefits and challenges of working online. Online businesses have seen huge growth as we have all spent more time at home.

Do you enjoy working online?

If the answer is yes, then it’s a very good time for you to launch your products and services online. Whether you want to increase your income with a “side hustle” or launch a new business online to replace your income completely 2021 is a great time to launch yourself online.

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Working Online

Advantages include:

  • Less time wasted commuting
  • More…

Enough is Enough!

Like many others I have been incredibly moved by the events in the USA in the last few weeks and the outpouring world of grief and anger after the police murdered George Floyd.

The dehumanization which is at the root of all racism has been thoroughly exposed again, in a way where everyone who is human has had to say “ENOUGH, police murder is still murder!”

But, will all this anger lead to long-lasting change this time, or just mark another peak in the struggle for human rights, and then fizzle out?

The demonstrations, are incredibly moving and inspiring because…

Over a third of the world’s population has been instructed to stay at home in the biggest global shutdown ever, in order to contain the Covid-19 virus. Millions of people have had their lives turned upside down, lost their jobs or gotten sick.

Millions of others have had to learn how to work at home, and managers are struggling to adapt.

How can managers take a leading role in maximising their workers efficiency whilst remaining productive, and humane? What out-dated modes of working and the belief systems that underpin them need to be “archived” indefinitely?



Managers now…

When the recession first hit London back in 2007, I had been working as an Executive Assistant with some of the big companies in the City of London for over ten years, in short-term contracts whilst I continued with my creative writing and art projects. Although I was a published writer and artist and had been broadcast my BBC TV and radio, won national and international awards I had always supported myself through my contract work as an Executive Assistant.

I was surprised when the recession hit London because I didn’t read the business pages very often and I was…

English aliens — For international travellers

Different countries use the language of English in different ways. This may seem like a blindingly obvious statement but it is easier to say than to fully comprehend what this means in practice.

During my first trip to the East Coast of America, after I had got over the jet lag, I started feeling ill at ease. I did speak the same language but my words, my sentences, my grammar were alien to those around me. I truly felt like I was speaking a “foreign” language even though I was communicating in English to English speakers.

(I have subsequently learnt that many first timers from England to the East Coast, also experience this head on clash between normal everyday self-deprecation vs self-aggrandizement as it is expressed in conversation a bit of a shock. (My second trip was easier!)

If native English speakers can feel ill at ease speaking English on the opposite end of the planet, how must non-native English speakers feel? International non-native English speakers often obsess on…

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